"Albania is still in the process of state formation"/ Dashamir Shehi: There is still pride in the identity

2022-11-28 22:41:00, Aktualitet CNA
"Albania is still in the process of state formation"/ Dashamir Shehi:
Head of LZHK, Dashamir Shehi

The head of LZHK, Dashamir Shehi, has stated that Albania is still in the process of forming a nation, of a state.

During an interview, Shehi said that since it is delayed in this process, there is also a push and pressure.

But despite everything, Shehi has expressed that he still sees pride in the identity of being Albanian in a part of Albanians.

" The Albanian nation is in a state-forming process and nation-forming has not closed these stages.

I don't see any big drama that during these processes we have all these loopholes that come because while we are still in this process we have big pushes to enter another process that is more integrated with the global.

Being late from others, we must submit to these vectors and the pressure that our nation has.

For one, there is pride in identity. Today compared to 30 years ago. 30 years ago we had a folklorism and a love imposed by the government until the borders were opened, the Albanians left Albania with great passion", said Shehi./ CNA.al

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