President Begaj as Rama/Proclaimed Enemy Dritan Lelin

2022-11-29 13:47:00, Aktualitet CNA

President Begaj as Rama/Proclaimed Enemy Dritan Lelin

A day before, the state reception was organized for President Bajram Begaj on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the declaration of Independence of Albania.

Sources told CNA.al that Dritan Leli, the mayor of Vlora, the number one of the city, where the celebrations were concentrated the day before, was not present at this reception.

CNA.a l has asked Mr. Leli, regarding his absence at this reception, which was attended by foreign and international politicians, people from the fields of justice, sports, culture and media.

Mayor Leli told CNA.al that he has not been invited by the Presidency.

"I didn't have an invitation", Leli replied.

Now, the President is a "soldier" of Prime Minister Edi Rama and he enters into SP quarrels or is he the highest head of the State, he should clarify this.

The president, the one who was said to have a different face and behavior than he was previously accused of being above politics.

But by declaring Dritan Leli "non grata", the President seems to have sided with politics, with power./CNA.al

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