The fate of Martinaj is still a mystery/ The uncle of the "king" of gambling, follows his political opponents

2022-11-29 19:52:00, Aktualitet CNA
The fate of Martinaj is still a mystery/ The uncle of the "king" of
Ervis Martinaj

Ervis Martinaj's uncle, Faik Martinaj, spoke today about the disappearance of Ervis Martinaj, whose fate has remained unclear for months.

The uncle of the "king" of gambling has again raised doubts that his nephew may have been eliminated by political opponents.

According to him, the killing of Ervis Martinaj is politically motivated.

"He was killed and his body disappeared. Political opponents have eliminated him. Hasmi does not destroy the funeral", he said in the show "Pa Gjurmë".

Xhaxhai has connected Martinaj's disappearance with Nuredin Duman's testimony that the gambling boss had offered him 500,000 euros to eliminate the former member of the Durrës gang, Endrit Doklen.

We remind you that Ervis Martinaj, known as the 'king' of gambling, has been missing for more than 2 months.

His disappearance has set in motion not only the institutions of justice, but also politics.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated that very soon we will have an answer about his fate.

While the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, told reporters that Rama knows where the 'king' of gambling is and accused the Prosecutor's Office of not acting./ BA - CNA.al

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