"Babalja" continues with the mission/ Stands by Irfan Hysenbelli's unauthorized constructions

2022-12-03 18:15:00, Aktualitet CNA
"Babalja" continues with the mission/ Stands by Irfan
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Ervin Salianji, who risks prison for defamation with "Babale", expresses concern about the demolition of constructions at "Prestige Resort".

In an interview on the show "Kjo Javë", according to "Babales", the demolition of Irfan Hysenbelli's constructions without a permit pushes the immigrants not to return.

The fact that the legal security has been violated is pushing even the emigrants to not want to return to the country and the investors not to come. There is no public interest in its collapse. Then why continues the kennel of people like bandits with hoods?", said Salianji./ CNA.al

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