"November 29"/ Politika celebrates the divided, 78th anniversary of liberation

2022-11-29 08:21:00, Aktualitet CNA

"November 29"/ Politika celebrates the divided, 78th anniversary of

Today is November 29, the 78th anniversary of the Liberation of Albania.

For years now, politics has been celebrating this date divided, as the right celebrates November 28 as the day of Independence and Liberation, while November 29 is a holiday only for the left.

A bit of history

During the Second World War, the National Liberation Army of Albania carried out armed uprisings against the occupation of Albania. From April 7, 1939 to November 29, 1944, Albania was occupied by fascist Italy and after its capitulation, in the fall of 1943, Albania was occupied by German forces. 

At the end of November 1944, after the Liberation of Tirana on November 17 and the main part of Northern Albania, the city of Shkodra and its district remained to be liberated. Shkodra was liberated on November 29, 1944, a date which marks the day Albania was liberated from the German occupation. Albania is the first country in the Balkans that was liberated with its own forces, while all other Balkan states were liberated with the help of the Red Army./ CNA.al

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